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The Hammer
You may have seen him on YouTube along with 100,000 other viewers with is signature catchphrase, "I AM THE HAMMER...they are the nails." Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley talks to us about the birth of The Hammer, making Top 10 Lists for the worst lawyer ads ever, and having David Hasselhoff do a spoof of his commercial on Dancing With the Stars.Click here to listen to The Hammer.

Watch the Connected Legal Luminaries video series. Hosted by Connected member Richard Parnham, the video series features leaders and innovators from the legal industry discussing a wide variety of topics, including offshoring legal services, diversity in the legal profession and preparing the next generation of legal professionals.

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Learn How to Hack the System

Want to use Connected like a pro? Community manager Mike Mintz writes about how to really standout on the network with his series of posts Hacking Connected. You will learn things like how to add a mirror blog to Connected, sharing your law firm newsletters on your profile, and more.

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Free eBooks From LexisNexis

Get 6 eBooks for the price of none! From ethics to social media policy to legal marketing, the Connected library of free eBooks continues to grow. Here are a few of the original eBooks we currently offer members:
  • The Secrets of Social Media Rainmaking: A Free eBook on Copywriting for Lawyers. Click here to get your copy.
  • Tips for Online Legal Marketing Success. Click here to get your copy.
  • Unbundling Legal Services for the Private Practitioner. Click here to get your copy.
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  • Navigating the Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media. Click here to get your copy.
  • Nowhere to Hide: Courts Place Responsibility for Managing Legal Holds on Shoulders of Corporate Executives. Click here to get your copy.