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This group explores the risk presented by unfettered postings into social networks. The risk is serious, pervasive, and increasing. Existing policies are unlikely to cover evolving situations, but even assuming existing policies are in place, enforcement... Read More
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Dan O'Shea wrote on 22 Jan 2010 1:23 PM

An absolutely fantastic, comprehensive post!

But I must say... isn't it amazing how the legal profession can gum up the application of new technologies? Imagine these rules being applied to what comes out of your mouth and who you associate with on a daily basis. Be careful about answering any questions from anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, for fear that someone, somewhere, somehow might construe it as establishing an attorney client relationship! Watch out who you hang around with for fear that someone, somewhere might construe some sort of improper relationship! Whew! Should we all have to pass some kind of professional "introverted loner" test?

And the really sad thing is that these rules, though well intended, provide the basis for the legal profession (the secular priesthood) being held out as essentially anti-consumerist.