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Divorce and Family Law: Lessons Learned From Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris's Marriage

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris were married on New Years Eve 2012. Hefner Is best known as the founder of Playboy Magazine and Harris was known as one of the models for the magazine.There are many lessons about divorce and family law that can learned from the events surrounding Hugh Hefner's latest marriage.

It was reported that Harris signed a prenuptial agreement three weeks prior to the wedding. A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that allows parties contemplating a marriage to come rewrite marriage and divorce laws about their assets among other things. In most jurisdictions each side must have ample time before the marriage, in this case three weeks, and be represented by a lawyer to review the agreement. In Hefner's case a prenup is very appropriate given his specific situation.

The 60 year age difference between Hefner, 86, and Harris, 26 should be a reason for a prenuptial contract. When there is a wide age gap between two parties in a marriage, a prenup can help better suit the terms of the marriage to reflect that difference than state laws would. It can be expected that Hefner does not have too many years left and if he were to die, marital or community property owned may not be distributed according to his wishes his wishes that an agreement can correct.

The large business empire that Hefner owns is another reason a contract is appropriate. The Playboy Enterprises that Hefner has a large stake in and the annual income it brings could be up for grabs absent a prenup in the case of death or divorce. A prior agreement can help secure the continuity of the business unlike the the recent sale of the LA Dodgers that had to be sold in a divorce of the owner. Hefner can control the future direction of the business with an agreement.

A third reason a prenuptial contract is important in this case is that Hefner has children from previous marriages and an agreement can control how assets are distributed in the case of his death. Hefner can define ahead of time which assets will be excluded from his new wife in the event of his death. While Hefner may not be able to totally disinherit his new wife, he can control a large portion of his assets with a contract and make sure that his previous children receive the inheritance that he intends.

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