What is the best way to market a law firm?

Everyone and anyone involved in law firm marketing asks this question at some point, from lawyers, to the marketers they hire and even the members of the Martindale.com Connected community.

Markets differ across the globe and opinions change almost daily, so there is no definitive answer. However there are many viewpoints and this collection of blogs, fashioned into an eBook (or 'eBlook' if you will) contains the opinions from a number of experts across LexisNexis.

In reading this eBook you will walk away with the following:

1.     How to create an image for your law firm that attracts new business

2.     How to stand out on the Internet so potential clients find you in Google (SEO)

3.     How to build trust and establish credibility through peer review and client ratings

4.     How to convert web visitors into new clients

5.     How to use multimedia, like simple videos, to stand out and gain new clients

Enjoy - and I'd love to hear your views.