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anusha virupannanavar wrote on 14 Oct 2010 5:47 AM

Sir M. Vishveshwariah who is a well known engineer of India, had once been to a doctor. After his treatment while paying the doctor's fees, the doctor strongly refused to take the fees from the well known engineer. Vishveshwariah rightly said: if u do not take money from me (able to pay), you'll surely force the poor man for higher medical expenses, so do accept this fees from me and give free service to the poor. This is a best example to be followed by Supreme Court Specialists. There should be an intention to serve the poor and needy instead of going crazy about name and fame.

Shelley Dunstone wrote on 22 Oct 2010 6:29 AM

It's a bit like designers sending free dresses to celebrities in the hope of publicity, isn't it?  A new aspect of competition amongst lawyers!