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Philip Marcus wrote on 22 Mar 2011 4:48 PM

But not that soon.  Keep in mind that IBM started with a super computer and then cooked it with software to allow it to compete on Jeopardy, including an Alex Trebek mustache--just kidding.  Millions of dollars invested to publicize IBM.

Not soon will any firm invest millions to replace 1st years.  Also, it is not just case finding that counts but also subtle understanding of people issues and business issues.  Not even law grads can do all that well, which is why their mentor-partners or senior associates are also important.

Start Trek law will happen, but not soon.

Mike Mintz wrote on 29 Mar 2011 6:40 PM

Hi Phillip: appreciate the insights. Given the exponential gains in technological progress each year, how soon do you think it will be until we see sophisticated AI put to tasks in the main stream? What lawyer tasks are most appropriate for this kind of technology besides the obvious research ones?