OVERVIEW: Defendant was deemed to have admitted that he (1) downloaded files containing two movies onto his computer hard drive; (2) stored the files in a shared directory; (3) made the files available to other users; (4) was not authorized to download or distribute the movies; and (5) knew the movies were copyrighted. Plaintiffs had valid copyright ownership in the movies. Because defendant admitted to downloading and making available to others plaintiffs' copyrighted movies, defendant's infringement was undisputed and willful. Plaintiffs were entitled to statutory damages. Plaintiffs' request for statutory damages of $ 3,000 for each violation was reasonable. Since it was established that defendant had copies of the movies on his computer, plaintiffs were en-titled to an order permanently enjoining defendant from infringing those movies. However, plaintiffs did not show that they were entitled to an injunction extending to other copyrighted works not included in the lawsuit.